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Welcome to Funding Express application

Solitea Funding Express is based on Dynamics 365 Business Central which is an all-in-one business management solution that connects operations for small to mid-sized businesses. It ensures business continuity with a cloud solution and help teams adapt faster and deliver results. Funding Express has full integration in case of accounting, active debts, vendor database, sales, and purchase. Your data is safeguarded by Microsoft Azure, providing industry-leading multi-layered physical security systems, and o¬ering a comprehensive por olio of compliance support and privacy standards.

Solitea Funding Express is easy to use due to wizards for important operation. You can easily set up funding products, loan frames and funding rates, make changes and forecasting based on historical data. Funding Express has sophisticated evidence of loan tranches and its payment calendars, and evidence of funding accounts and its drawdown, interest, payments which helps you to accelerate your funding and deposit management.

Main Funding Express benefits are:

  • Complete Fund and Grant Management Lifecycle
  • Role tailored client - all information in one place (contracts, portfolio, payments, reports,..)
  • Microsoft user interface and integration with Microsoft Office 365 and other Microsoft technologies
  • Microsoft support for local legislation and regulation
  • All the contract information is in one place: evidence of the contract from calculation to termination and archiving, including contract changes and payments posting
  • Acceleration of processes through the use of automation: Financing payment posting (mass), Proper contract termination (mass), automatic report and documents creation
  • Easy to use thanks to Wizards
  • The whole end-2-end business process can be covered by one user
  • Online overview of the finance portfolio (number of contract within each status)
  • Online integration into accounting and banking systems

Start a trial version

We provide 30 day Trial version for free. During this time you have the possibility to compare your requirements with the functions of Funding Express. Our support team is ready to help you anytime while you’re testing so don’t be hesitate to ask for a trial version.

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