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Welcome to Installment Sale Express application

Installment Sale Express offers you the option to purchase your item or services over time through a set number of regular payments. It is a sophisticated solution to control your day to day transactions which provides actionable insights that support you in decision-making process. The app is built for Retail institutions, Micro-lenders and Financiers.

The lending management software works together with ERP Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central which ensures the scalability for your growing business, stability of updates and data security on the highest level.

Installment Sale Express is based on Dynamics 365 Business Central which is an all-in-one business management solution that connects operations for small to mid-sized businesses. It ensures business continuity with a cloud solution and help teams adapt faster and deliver results. Installment Sale Express has full integration in case of accounting, active debts, fees of the installments, sales, and purchase.

Installment Sale Express is easy to use due to wizards for important operation. You can work with financing multiple sales cases, aliquot calculation, incident list, make changes and forecasting based on historical data. Installment Sale Express has direct connection to sales which helps you in better orientation of your business

Main Installment Sale Express benefits are:

  • Full integration with Business Central in the case of invoicing, interest and fees if the installments

  • Ability to work with financing multiple sales case, aliquot calculation, incident list

  • Direct connection to sales documents

  • Easy to use due to wizards for important operation

  • Usage of embedded analytics to predict revenue growth and profitability

  • Dealing with reminders and penalties

Start a trial version

We provide 30 day Trial version for free. During this time you have the possibility to compare your requirements with the functions of Installment Sale Express. Our support team is ready to help you anytime while you’re testing so don’t be hesitate to ask for a trial version.

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