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Sey4Sign Setup

Before signing documents, it's important to define the basic parameters, based on which the signing process works.

On the main page search Sey4Sign Setup:

Sey4Sign Setup!

Then will be displayed Sey4Sign Setup Card, which serves to set basic parameters for electronic signing.

Sey4Sign Setup!


  • Default Sign Type - determine, how the document should be signed - through picture or certificate.

  • Sign Expiration - define, in how many days whole signing process expirates.

  • Workflow User Due Date (hrs.) - define the number of hours that determines the task completion date for each actor in the group.

  • Notify Result E-mails - enter an email address that will be used to send the final notification about the approval/signing of the document.

  • Notification Expiration Hours Before - the number of hours before expiration, when the notification email to the actor is to be sent.

  • Notification Not Finished Hours - the number of hours after which the notification to the actor should go out, if he has not yet signed the document.

  • Default Langugae Code - choose the default language of the email and document.


You are able to change language for each document and person within the given groups.


Access data to the service are entered here.

Default Signing Lines

In this place define template for signing groups and persons within the given groups. Everytime you will sign the document, this template will be displayed, but you can change it by your requirements.

Sey4Sign Setup!

Each of fields you can edit:

  • Person Type - in this field define the type of person, if it's Contact, Customer, Vendor, Employee or Salesperson/Purchaser.

  • E-Mail - enter the email to which the document signing notification will be sent.

  • Phone No. - enter a phone number to verify your identity. It is used if you have checked the Two Factor authentication box.

  • Min. Signers in Group - define the number of minimal person within the given groups who have to sign the document.

  • Worflow Run Type - choose which workflow you want to use for each group.


Serial workflow means the document will be send to individual persons within the group gradually, according to the order in the table from top to bottom.

Paralell workflow means the document will be send to all persons within given group at the same time.

  • Language Code - choose the language of the email and document. If you leave this field empty, the default language will be used from Sey4Sign Setup.

Clicking on button Manage is possible to:

  • Delete line

  • Add Group

  • Remove Group

  • Add Person

Sey4Sign Setup!

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